Lunches for work in the style of a healthy lifestyle

Business lunches are distinguished neither by a low price nor a thoughtful menu. We invite you to prepare your own breakfasts for work at home, then enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

Advice! Keep a few basic household items in your office so you don’t get into trouble. Have a small bottle of olive oil, mustard, hot sauce, salt, freshly ground pepper, and wine vinegar in your travel kitchen kit. Keep something for a quick snack in your desk drawer, like a bag of almonds.

lunch at workSANDWICHES

Sandwiches can be made quite “healthy”! In addition, a lunch of a delicious sandwich on a loaf of bread or whole grain bread is very summery and very tasty. Bring a slice or a few slices of flourless bread, something to spread on the bread (such as ricotta, hummus or plain mustard), vegetables and / or protein. Wrap everything individually and simply fold when you need it.

The options are:

Your Favorite Bread +

  • ham or jamon

+ butter

+ parmesan

  • smoked salmon

+ cottage cheese or soft goat cheese

+ dill

  • Egg, hard cooked and sliced

+ salted butter

+ minced radish

+ avocado

+ grated carrots seasoned with olive oil.


Just grab some of your favorite house cheeses and salamis, buy a fresh baguette, and add some fruit or nuts. Great lunch in 5 minutes!

Advice! Lunch at the office can be made from leftovers from yesterday’s dinner! If you had:

  • steak – cut into strips, put on pita bread, add sour cream and horseradish, wrap it in a roll.
  • chicken fillet – chop, add the herbs and / or celery and season with a light sauce.
  • Put the pasta in a pan, crack an egg in it and cook over medium heat.


Avocado is a godsend for to spy everyone who has lunch at the office! With the help of this very satisfying and healthy fruit, you can providelunch at work

you a full and delicious breakfast.

  1. Cook the rice, garnish with chopped avocado, sprinkle with spices and add a drop of soy sauce.
  2. Cut the avocado into cubes, add the sliced ​​cucumber, season with olive oil and lemon juice.
  3. Simply cut a ripe avocado, add a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  4. Crush the avocado pulp and place it on a crisp, sprinkle with lemon juice and pepper.

Advice! Always keep a container of hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator. They are a real lifeline when you want to eat, plus, once cooked, they keep wonderfully in the refrigerator.

lunch at workSALADS

Each salad has four parts: base, dressing, crunch and protein. Just build your next salad like a builder!

Buckwheat, rice, quinoa, pearl barley, all kinds of salad.

Olive oil + wine vinegar, lemon juice + honey, mustard, soy sauce.


Nuts, seeds, raw vegetables, cheese (feta or cheddar), sundried tomatoes, fresh avocados.

hard-boiled eggs, canned chickpeas, canned beans, stews, fried chicken breast, trout or tuna.

Enjoy your lunch!