Is it possible to lose weight in sushi?

If you are on a diet, can you eat sushi?

Of course, if you compare sushi to sandwiches, burgers, fried chicken and pizza, then of course the fresh fish and avocado will give you a hundred points ahead.

Sushi is primarily a source of unsaturated fat from avocados and fish. Omega-3 acid is not produced by our body on its own, but it is vital, it improves brain activity and the efficiency of physical activity. The same acid is useful for inflammation – arthritis and colitis. Avocado contains a powerful antioxidant – vitamin E. The rolls contain rice – a source of iron. However, when it is treated with vinegar, all the beneficial properties of rice are leveled out. The seaweed that surrounds sushi – nori – contains EPA, an unsaturated fatty acid. It is helpful in lowering blood pressure and strengthening arteries. But either way, it’s the best thing you can eat to keep you full for a long time.

A 100g serving of sushi contains half the fat than a similar serving of some fast foods. But sushi does not really have any useful properties and does not contain the necessary slimming substances.

And of course, you shouldn’t eat rolls with fatty cheese or fried in tempura and oil.