How much water do you need per day? Standard for one person

How much water does a healthy person need?

Most sources answer this question sentimentally: exactly 2 liters. Where does this unbeatable figure come from? Does this figure include other liquids – soups, tea, coffee and other beverages? Is it true that coffee removes fluids from the body? How much water to drink during exercise? We answer these and other questions here!

Water is the main component of nutrition

how much water do you need per day

How much water do you need per day?

The human body is 60-70% water. Water has absolutely no energy value and, nevertheless, all energy production processes in the body use water. With its absence, these processes significantly slow down. In addition, thermoregulatory mechanisms are related to the amount of water in the body. So how much water do you need per day – there is only one correct answer. As much as possible.

How much water to drink per day?

There are several formulas:

  • 1 liter per 1000 kcal consumed;
  • 1 liter for 30 kg of body

And remember that only the water consumed by one person per day is taken into account. Coffee and tea don’t count. Water in food is also not counted.

Amount of water during physical activity

water during exercise

Water during exercise

During training, the required amount of water is 0.5 liters for every hour of training (or 125 ml every 15 minutes). And remember that this amount is more than the usual amount of water you should be consuming.

If you exercise in hot weather (temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius), the amount of water consumed should increase even more.

Morning workout

If you exercise in the morning, you should drink 200-300 ml of water 20 minutes before you start. The point is, the body is always dehydrated after a night’s sleep.

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