8 little-known delicacies from around the world

Why do people travel to other countries? Admire the sights, mingle with representatives of a different culture, visit the dense jungle or azure blue beaches and, of course, taste the local cuisine. Everyone has heard of foie gras, ham, blue cheese, and other delicacies that many travelers have already enjoyed.

But there are also lesser-known dishes that only avid tourists know about. They are not worse, and sometimes even better than publicized food. If you are coming to any of the countries on this list, try these dishes as they are unlikely to be ordered at a local restaurant.

1. Kama – Estonia

This dish can hardly be called a delicacy in the usual sense. Rather, it is a rare dish that can only be tasted in Estonia. Kama is a mixture of toasted grains, rye, oats, barley, peas and beans in equal proportions. They are pounded then mixed with milk, yogurt, cream or yogurt, and salt and honey are added for better taste. In general, this is a very unusual dish that is definitely worth trying, especially since its recipe has been known since the Neolithic era, and you can enjoy what our distant ancestors ate.

2. Pleskavica – Serbia

Pleskavitsa is a round, flat cutlet made from minced meat. It is found not only in Serbia, but throughout the Balkan Peninsula. The dish is a mix of pork, beef and lamb, grilled with onions and served with a hot side, bread and cheese. Kaymak – thick cream, the consistency of which varies from sour cream to butter, and urnbes – cheese mixed with a spicy sauce are also served with the dish.

3. Sisig – Philippines

Filipino cuisine is already scarce in our country, and dishes like sisig can only be enjoyed where there is a diaspora of that state. This dish is based on pork ears, cheeks and thighs, chicken liver and beef tongue are also added. First of all, Filipinos boil a pig’s head to remove hair. Then the meat is cut and grilled. Finally, add the coarsely chopped onions, calamondin and peppers. It may not sound very appetizing, but this dish is definitely worth trying to immerse yourself in Filipino culture.

4. Semolina dumpling soup – Austria

It’s a fairly simple looking dish that looks like a simple clear soup with big dumplings. The soup is made from beef broth, and semolina dumplings and skoroda are used as a garnish. If you are in Austria or southern Germany, you can try a delicious option with spelled semolina dumplings in the restaurant.

It is not just dumplings in our understanding, but a more refined dish. They are prepared with whipped butter, egg, semolina, salt and nutmeg. The meatballs are tender and aromatic, and together with the beef broth give a unique aftertaste.

In addition, the soup can be seasoned with ginger, lemon zest or bell pepper.

5. Bray – South Africa

Shish kebab is not just an Asian dish, it is found all over the world, including Africa. In South Africa and neighboring countries there is a dish called “Braai” – in fact, the same shish kebab. Uniqueness in the meat used, as well as in the seasonings. It is made from antelopes and other local animals, but sometimes regular beef is also taken. The meat is marinated in salt, brown sugar, cilantro, paprika, caraway seeds and vinegar, dried and fried over charcoal.

Served with papa’s porridge made from finely chopped corn and a salad of spicy jackalak vegetables. Thanks to the latter, the dish leaves a more exotic aftertaste than the usual kebab. But if you don’t want to go to Africa for the antelope and other rare ingredients, you can cook one of the meat dishes with a spicy sauce. Some of them are even more exotic.

6. Badrijani – Georgia

Georgian cuisine is very rich in brilliant and memorable dishes, and it is not for nothing that thousands of people around the world love it. Badrijani are rightly avoided in restaurants, preferring to serve the more popular khinkali, khachapuri, and lobio.

This dish consists of thinly sliced ​​fried eggplant wrapped in a mixture of nuts, parsley, garlic, pomegranate, suneli hops, black pepper and salt. This dish is excellent as a snack in the summer heat because it is both light and satisfying. This is one of those delicious, quick meals for anyone looking to lose weight.

7. Bologna de Verde – Ecuador

If you are traveling to South America, be sure to try Bologna De Verde. This dish consists of green bananas, which are first boiled to make mashed potatoes, then rolled into balls, inside which they put soft cheese. Fried meat and other ingredients can also be added to the balls. Then the balls are fried and fried until crispy. For a European, the association of fried bananas and cheese will be a novelty.

8. Doro Wat – Ethiopia

Doro wat is a very spicy dish that is unlikely to be mastered by the average European. It is made with chicken, liver and chicken stomach, as well as hard-boiled eggs, seasoned with spicy Berber paste and an alcoholic drink made from tezh honey. All the meat ingredients are fried, then seasoned with fresh vegetables and spices, then simmered. In addition, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, and other flavor-enhancing ingredients are put into the dish. The dish is usually served with the traditional Ethiopian Injera bread made from the sour flour of the tef grain plant.